Gom Cargo Driver

We are always opened Gom Cargo position someone who want to work with us.
Please let’s us know when you are interested on this position.

Gom Cargo promises first place in customer satisfaction.

Based on convenient service, we offer a new way of moving small furniture!

Our Services

Gom Cargo One, Gom Cargo Two, Gom Cargo Regular Moving, and Special Moving

Moving Environment

We will remind you one day before you moving about the distance, schedule, and etc.

Insurance (optional)

If you need an insurance for the moving, we are provided (optional)
- Most customer has difference moving environment that are house, apartment or office, so sometime may you need the CO (insurance).
- Please ask to your supervisor about the CO

Service training

We are doing the on-site technical training and service training on a quarterly basis and Keep the quality of the service at its best.

Introduce Gom Cargo

We provide smart moving service.

You pay only for the quotation costs.
No surprises and no hidden fees.

Online Reservation System

We have built a moving reservation system so that you can receive moving-in quotation and settlement customized.

Special Moving

We support optimal packing moving service.

Reasonable Moving Cost

- For the fast moving, 4 people will team together and move.
- A quick end can save you that much money.
(Most other company - One team is three)

Gom Cargo Driver

Professional Gom Cargo driver take the drive for you
* Move your goods with customer
(more than Gom Cargo Two Service)

Driver Registration 101

Online  or Phone

Research and Review
We will contact you individually after confirmation from time to time.


Result Announcement

Prepare Operator Notice

Final Confirm

Interviews are conducted in a relaxed environment.