Gom Cargo Regular Moving

``Self packing and unpacking, Gom Cargo will be moving, loading and unloading ``

``Trustworthy original Gom Cargo Regular Moving``
``Special packing according to furniture``

Self packing and unpacking .
Gom Cargo will load and unload to your goods.
When we move to new your place, you can get in to the car with us (1 person)
We will disassemble, assemble, and installation to furniture, household appliance.
Please ask about the special furnitures before the quotation.
(Stone bed, piano, luxury furniture etc.)

1. Recommendation to

- Those who want to move at an affordable price
- Have big size furniture or Electric goods
- People who live in One bed or Two bed
- If you want to get the care service from Gom Cargo

2. Customer Duty

- Self packing
- Secure parking space

4 Gom Cargo Staffs, 17 Feet, 1 Bed or Small 2 Bed

Price will be changed about the truck size
17 feet, 20 feet, and 24 feet

Understanding Truck Size


1. Please remember to packing & unpacking / cleaning & arranging is completed by customer. Gom cargo man will only help drive, loading and unloading with you.

2. Gom Cargo will not be responsible for any damages

- If you need to pack your goods from our helper, price will be added

3. Expensive moving goods over $ 200 must be notified in advance.

4. In order to prevent loss of moving goods, a customer must be in the field.