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"Truck Size Guide"

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Truck Selection Guide

  • 17 Feet Truck
    Approximately 6Pallet (Based on the floor area, about 15CBM)
  • 20 Feet Truck
    Approximately 8Pallet (Based on the floor area, about 19CBM)
  • 24 Feet Truck
    Approximately 10Pallet (Based on the floor area, about 23CBM)

CBM (Cubic Meter)

In the business of shipping goods from one country to another by air, sea or road, you often hear the term CBM being used. Short for “cubic meter”, CBM is a widely used unit of measurement in shipping and determines how much you pay for freight.

How CBM is calculated?
CBM – cubic meter is calculated by multiplying length, width and height of packages of goods.
For example, if the length, height and width of a cargo is 2.3 meters, 1.4meters and 2 meters respectively, the volume of cargo is 2.3 X 1.4 X 2.00 = 6.44 CBM.

Understanding Truck Size


  • The customer is responsible for damage to the goods that occur during “self-packing” except for vehicle operation and gommoving transport.
  • Expensive moving goods over $ 200 must be notified in advance.
  • In order to prevent loss of moving goods, a customer must be in the field.
  • It is difficult to repair/compensate for minor scratches or breakages at the level of live scratches.